Big Tittied Slut Mason

You may have seen girls like me – the classic biker bitch, tattoos all over my body, big DDD tits – and wondered what it would be like to join me for a wild weekend and party with me.

I promise you this: When I’m in your passenger seat, when I feel that big machine throbbing between my legs, when I reach around and hold you tight, my hard nipples pressing into your back, trust me, you’re in for a very wild ride.

If you take me out, I’ll give you fair warning: I am a no-limits bar slut. If I get drunk, I will fuck and suck other men right in front of you, and I love to play with other bar sluts – and I don’t know of any biker who isn’t turned on by lesbian sex in public.

You make have heard that bikers are really into gang bangs, and everything you’ve heard is true. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been in the back room on my all fours letting every man in the bar take turns pounding me – sometimes two and three men at a time. No matter how many men fuck my pussy, I always want more.

If you’re looking for hardcore biker girl phone sex, today is your lucky day. Call me and I’ll tell you about all my wicked adventures.

My Fetishes

  • Tattoos
  • DDD Tits
  • Gang Bangs
  • Biker Bitch
  • No Taboos


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